If you had a magic wand what kind of Cam or Dursley would you create for your kids, neighbours, grandchildren… or yourself?

Transition Cam & Dursley wants to help bring the community together, find ways to strengthen the local economy, reduce our living costs and create a robust future for the area and the people who live here.

And we do it all because, pretty soon, cheap supplies of oil will start to run out and climate change will really start to effect things. Both of these have a knock-on effect on things like energy and food prices.

Flower & Produce Show 2016 – September 3rd

This is our next big event. You can find out more by visiting our main Show page or using the links in the menu above.

Get involved

We’re community-led. Anyone can get involved and everyone is needed. Each and every one of us has something to offer Cam and Dursley’s future – and it’s really important that a wide range of people are involved in terms of background, age and experience.

It’s still very early days for us. There’s lots to be done. If you fancy getting involved, in any shape or form, please get in touch it’d be great to meet you.