About Transition

The essence of Transition is in its name. It describes the era of change we are all living in. The Transition idea is about us all being an active part of that change.

As a starting place, Transition focuses on oil and acknowledges that our current dependence on oil leaves us very vulnerable. Transition explores and develops ways we can change from our energy-hungry ways of living – that are totally dependent on oil – to ways of living that are significantly less so.

In reality Transition is about a lot more than that. It’s about people taking a greater interest in their present and future needs; being more aware of the world in which they live; thinking about the way they really want to live and getting stuck in to make that happen, in whatever ways work for them.


The Transition Network sprang to life in Totnes, Devon in 2007. Since then it’s gone global and there are now thousands of Transition Towns all over the world, who are thinking about the same things in their community that we are here.

We can tap into the collective genius of the wider community and find ways of living that are more enriching and connected. It’s just as much about restoring a sense of community than it is about living our lives beyond when oil runs out.

Change, what change?

Have you ever considered that you are living in one the greatest periods of change in human history? 

This great change may not be blindingly obvious to you every time you step outside your house or switch on your TV, but it is underway. It is most notable in oil prices, the wobbly globalised economy and the increasing evidence of climate change.

But the signs are elsewhere too. Look at the resurgence of ‘growing your own’ and the record demand for allotments. See how communities are coming together in ways that they haven’t done for a generation. Listen to the calls for record investment in wind, wave and tidal energy infrastructure. Businesses and governments are all talking about ‘sustainability’ and a ‘big society’. Social enterprise, ‘make and mend’, ‘community’ and ‘buy local’ are all back in fashion.

But could this be more than a passing trend? Those of us involved in Transition believe it is. We believe it is part of a profound shift in the way we live our lives. We are all key players at a time in history when we move away from being utterly dependent on oil, to being more resilient, self-reliant and lot more other things besides.

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