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18 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Great website and ideas/actions. It would be good to have a piece in a future edition of Dursley Cam & Uley Directory, if you would like to get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you, if this is of interest

  2. Hi I was just wondering whether the tomato plants and corn that are growing amongst the flowers in Dursley were ideas from transition cam and Dursley because it’s a great idea and i didn’t no you could grow tomato’s with flowers which I might try at home ,I hope we see a lot more ideas like this in the Dursley area ,I would come to a meeting but my children are in bed at those times and there no one to look after them,but i try to catch up with what ever is happening with cam and Dursley on this website or facebook .

    • Hi Charmayne,

      Wow… we didn’t even know about them! They’re a great idea. I’ll have to ask some of our members. It sounds like a permaculture type of growing.

      If our meetings in the evenings aren’t suitable we could always meet up for a cuppa one day?

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Rachel
    Has your group started producing a newsletter?
    I haven’t seen a copy yet though I did sign up through this webpage…?
    Can you send me the latest issue?

    • Hi Miriam,

      We did start to produce one but simply don’t have the resource at present. Although it is something that we’re still looking at doing. I’m really sorry that I can’t be more specific with dates etc.


  4. Hi have you thought about community farming and community veg and fruit produced for dursley i no this needs land but maybe something to think about for the future ,to supply sainsbury or a dursley farm shop with local produce would be the key to save guard dursley and cam from lack of produce from outside the area, and more incouragement to grow your own at home if you have the space,ha if only we had are own windmill and make flour to and make our own bread self-suffucient dursley needs to be , to ride more bycycles instead of driving , and other counties and towns could work towards this way to it’s the way for the future and for people to survive .

    • Hi Charmayne,

      Yes, this all sounds really positive. Our first focus will be on forming a food group and mapping out all the local food producers, outlets and restaurants etc locally. Then we’ll host an event and get them all together with the aim of promoting local food to local people.

      That offer of a cuppa still stands if you fancy it?

      Rachel 🙂

        • Hi Charmayne,

          I’m so sorry I didn’t get your message when you sent it. Would love to still meet up if you’re free. I’m usually around on Mondays or Fridays and Catherine from Transition is about too.

          Rachel and Catherine

  5. Please can you send me details of the kind of goods/work which you will accept for the” Made in Dursley” label.

    Kind Regards, Rose

    • Hi Rose,

      If it’s OK with you please can I add you to the Made in Dursley artist mailing list?

      We were inundated after the event and are now planning the next couple of months worth of communications and possible events around this.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch. We can’t wait to see your work.


    • Hi Charmayne,
      Wednesday mornings at the Secret Garden were active until mid-October. We’re now having a winter quiet time and will have the weekly volunteering sessions running again in the Spring (Feb/March onwards, weather dependent). Please look out for news on the website and Facebook.
      Transition Cam & Dursley

    • Hi Pauline,

      Yes, a working group has been set up for Made in Dursley. They are looking at how to bring together a network of creatives, and will then work with this group to decide on the best format to move forward with. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved in this working group.

      Transition Cam & Dursley

  6. I have just tried to leave a message on your email address above, and got a rejected email in return…….perhaps I can get through here?
    I recently placed a posting on the Dursley and Stroud Freegle network to ask if anyone had or knew of anyone who had firebricks as I need to build an oven in a retaining wall that I am building.

    I had a response from Clare Fern who suggested that I contacted you as she knew that you had firebricks for a project which is now not going to happen ? I hope that you don’t mind the ask, but might you be able to help me out please?

    With kind regards,


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