The Secret Garden

Our first project is now well underway. The Secret Garden is an 8,000 sq metre patch of derelict and unloved land behind The Chantry Centre (formerly Lister’s Hall) in the centre of Dursley.

As lead partner, we’re working with a number of local organisations – including The Chantry Centre, World Jungle and the Explorer Scouts – to transform this hidden and unkempt haven into a thriving community garden with sustainability at its core.

The garden will be created using permaculture principles and no-dig gardening wherever possible. There are a number of ideas being put forward for the garden including a cob oven, vertical growing, fruit trees, organic fruit and veg, bee friendly planting, full accessibility, an outdoor classroom space.

Our long term vision is that the garden will be a place for people and groups in the local community to come and spend time in. We hope it will become a hub for sharing the principles of sustainable gardening, as well as somewhere to relax and enjoy locally grown and prepared food.

Want to get involved? During Spring, Summer and Autumn there are regular volunteering sessions in the Secret Garden –  Wednesday mornings 10am – 1pm and monthly working days on Saturdays which focus on a different aspect of sustainable living each time and are a good chance to meet people, try something new, get involved and help with the garden. It’s a bit quieter over the winter, but look out for details of events on Facebook. If you’d like to be notified of them, please drop us a line asking to have your details added to our e-mail list.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Garden

  1. I live in North Nibley and am an experienced gardener. I would love to see the Secret garden and hopefully get involved in some way.

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