Why Grow Your Own?

Here are some of the benefits of growing your own food:

  • It costs next to nothing and you can save a fortune on what you spend on fruit and vegetables at the supermarket
  • Your own produce is fresh, nutritious and free from toxic chemicals
  • There are no ‘food miles’ which are detrimental to the environment
  • Your food is seasonal, therefore more tasty, and in tune with the growing year
  • Exercise and fresh air is a huge health benefit for everyone, including children
  • Children learn where their food comes from and develop self-sufficiency skills
  • You make friends swapping your produce with neighbours and others
  • It is enjoyable and a productive use of your time

What’s not to like? If you want some encouragement to get started, you can come along to the Secret Garden working group who will be happy to give you advice and support with what to grow and what you need – contact us to find out more!